What does bespoke mean?

The word bespoke features heavy on our website.

This is becuase we specialise in manufacturing ‘bespoke’ acrylic displays.

Its seems like some of you lovely people are a little confused by the word and its meaning. So here’s a little article about what it means and how it applies to us, and you as a customer!


So what does it mean?

Basically to keep it short and simple, bespoke means ‘made to measure’ and all the other terms around it like made to suit. made to order,

specially made, custom made etc, etc…


What it means for you?

As this is what we specialise in doing this gives you a great advantage to get exactly what you want!

We have a well skilled team that are devoted to designing and developing one of a kind displays that are unique to you and your brand.


What it means for us?

What can I say? We love being creative! It gives us no greater pleassure than producing something that is made to suit customer requirements.


Why choose bespoke displays over standard?

Don’t get me wrong, we have a great standard range with each individual unit is still lovelying hand made. You may have some new crazy, awesome idea / design that just can’t be found anywhere. We can make it for you! But sometimes a standard unit isn’t compatible with your requirements or just want to stand out from your other competitors by boosting your brand awareness.

For whichever reason we can help with making the right decision.


Pricing / Costing

Well this is what you really want to know right?

It is a common misconception that our bespoke units are more expensive than standardised units.

Depending on what type of display you require and the quantities you need, you could be paying equal or less for something which is made esspecially for you.

Obviously this is not always the case. Sometimes you want to go that little bit further to get the edge.


Being one of the UK’s leading acrylic display manufacturerers our prices are extemely competative.

So don’t be afraid to ask for a quote!

We work out honest charges based on the material cost and labour time chages without slapping on an addition charge for the ‘bespoke’ label.


What do we need?

The spec of what you require. It doesnt have to be overly detailed if its a simplistic thing like a dispenser, holder, cover, display stand, furniture… We make lots of different things out of acrylic so it just makes it easier to work with as a ‘plastic stand’ is a little vague.

Also dimensions are important as we cant quote something up with out knowing either the size of the stand or the size of the product (item) in or on the acrylic unit.

We need as much information possible to give you a true / accurate quote.

We work on a quanitiy discount system so the more you order the cheaper each unit is.

If you are unsure about the number of units you can always give rough figure or ask for a break down of costs 100, 200, 500, 1000.


How do I order?

All bespoke enquiries must be finalised in writing by fax, email or even letter if you wish. This is so that we have all the sizes and requirments down in writing. This will help you cover yourself in the unlikelyhood that your units are not matching the agreed order in writing.


Whats the Lead times?

Depending on the quantities and the complexity of the units lead times can vary.

We also understand that some of you require things last minute.

Usually I would allow a minimum of at least 2 weeks manufacture from recieved payment. But if you require something a little sooner I would recommend giving us a quick call as the longer you leave it, the less chance we will have to be able to meet extremely short lead times.