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Today I’m going to talk a little about graphics and print.

Here at Striking Displays, we understand just how valuable your company branding and image is.

Our specialist print services are here to help, with over 25 years of experience designing and manufacturing high quality display products we pride ourselves on offering a professional and affordable service. We are able to advise about the most suitable materials for your needs.

We produce a wide range of acrylic products adding graphics in various styles and using systems to suit your requirements


This includes:


-Digital Print

-Screen printing

-Laser Cutting

-Laser Engraved


We will talk more about all the Sci-fi laser beam stuff in the next blog but for now let’s go over some of the other popular choices.


Vinyl Stickers

So, how vinyl stickers work? Basically, instead of printing directly onto the material, vinyl is used by cutting shapes and letters from a

solid colour sheet. This comes in a wide range of colours including reflective, metallic and etched / frost.


This is great if you have simple solid colour artwork and works out cheaper on small quantities.


Digital Stickers

These are used whenever there are gradients or a collection of mixed colours like a photo or a smooth gradient from one colour to the next.

We usually ask to see your artwork before quoting just so we can make sure we charge according to the correct process for you.

This isn’t usually cut into shapes. You either print onto white or clear vinyl. When printing on clear the colours are translucent.


Screen Printing.

The process of screen printing involves printing directly onto the material surface.

On large batches this is the best and most cost effective way of printing your units.

This can be matched to a pantone colour.

Although we do offer this service on small quantities if requested it is a little pricing as we have to get a screen made which is the pricey part!


If you have any questions regarding printing or branding acrylic displays, please don’t hesitate to call or email us.

As long as we have a visual we will quickly be able to establish the process and the costing.


Check back next Thursday to read up on our laser etching / cutting service!


Thanks for reading.