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PVC Shelf Edger

We manufacture to order a wide range of PVC display products using clear, antiglare and mark resist PVC of various thickness' to suit requirements. In this section you will find PVC cardholders, tent cardholders, ticket holders, leaflet stiffeners / supports, brochure dividers & more. The most popular PVC product we manufacture is shelf edging. This includes shelf talkers & barkers, info strips, price ticket holders & bespoke shelf edge strips. Price holders & shelf strips made specifically to suit your requirements. We make PVC poster / cardholders for displaying & protecting information, prices, menus & images, using clear & mark-resistant PVC in various formats. All PVC items can be printed to artwork supplied. Please click on the images below for more product information.
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Shown here is a simple U bend. One bend is made in the material to create a...more
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Shown here is the SDS profile. It consists of 2 bends; the front resembles a U bend...more