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Collection Boxes

Striking Displays Collection Boxes a large range of money, token suggestion, competition entry and ballot collectors are made in clear acrylic from Prespex. Comments boxes, ballot boxes and suggestion boxes can be manufactured to requirements in clear and coloured acrylic, foamed PVC & high impact styrene (HIPS). We have 2 sizes of ballot boxes or we can make to suit requirements, as with all the other collectors. Please see our new rang of tube token collectors great for house points for schools. We have made collecting units and systems for hospitals, doctors, supermarkets, exhibitions and numerous charities. It is possible to add cardholders, leaflet dispensers, locks & pens on tethers to the collection boxes if required. We can also add graphics to any of these units using screen printing, vinyl graphic or digital prints. Clear & coloured acrylic collection boxes can be made floor standing, wall mounting & counter standing to your requirements. They can be drilled to secure to the floor , counter or wall and we can also add security chains. Please click on the images below for more product information.
Collection Box Clear Coin / Token Collector made in A4, A5 and A6 as standard and include...more
Hard wearing Embossed Tokens are available in many stock colours, comes with a star already embossed on...more
Counter top collector pivot open locking front, made from 10mm, 8mm and 5mm clear acrylic, the top...more
Sturdy wall mounting satisfaction box supplied to NHS and private hospitals, we have also produced similar to...more
Floor standing strong collector,made from 10mm, 8mm and 5mm clear acrylic, with a pivot opening locking front...more
Pivot front locking collectors on a pedestal made from 10mm, 8mm and 5mm clear acrylic and mounted...more
In clear and coloured 3mm acrylic our standard A5 collector units wall mount or free stand. The...more
Collection Box A4 and A5 Coloured. These lead box collectors will take envelopes, paper, coins and notes,...more
A4 and A5 3mm White, black and clear acrylic comments box with a clear dispenser on the...more
This standard 3mm silver, blue and clear acrylic comments box has a clear dispenser on the front,...more
Similar to our 60mm & 100mm tube token holders, this 40mm diameter unit has removable tubes and...more
Largest of the counter top tube collectors, this unit has removable tubes and can either sit on...more
Largest of the token tube collector range. This unit is floor standing with 4 removable tubes and...more
This is our Medium and large white acrylic, locking collection box. Available in two sizes as standard,...more
This 900mm tall coin collector box is manufactured from 5mm clear acrylic with a 5mm white foamex...more
This 910mm tall raised coin collector box is manufactured from 5mm clear acrylic with a 5mm white...more
Counter Top Collector with acrylic cardholder and lock. these are be manufactured to order. The card holder...more
Bespoke units made to requirements, floor and counter collection boxes in clear or coloured acrylic from Perspex....more