Firstly, I would like to thank everyone for their feedback on our new blog. It’s great to see the reception we have received from it so early on. Your comments and ideas are really helping us make sure we can provide the best service possible.


After our last post on collection boxes, we’ve had a few requests on the tokens themselves. To answer some of your questions: Previously we have offered tokens for our collectors on request but never have openly advertized or pushed them as a product.


So its gives me great happiness to announce that we are now offering a full range of tokens. Yes, that’s right! Striking Displays will now be offering two sizes of coins in a wide range of colours. Not only that, we are also offering the services of having single or double sided print or embossing on the coins. You no longer need to worry about having to search all over the web to source the tokens! We can guarantee that our tokens are compatible with all of our collectors.


There’s many reasons why I would recommend collecting tokens over cold hard cash. Here’s a couple of pointers:


1- Safety: You don’t want anybody doing a snatch and run with your donations. Theft is one of the key reasons clients and companies go for plastic coins. People aren’t so tempted to steal tokens.


2- Colour: Everyone likes something pretty and eye catching. Whether its colour coded for school teams or company branding, It’s nice to stand out.


3- Weight: You don’t want to be putting your back out trying to carry a box full of pennies and pounds. These tokens are extremely light weight which helps when emptying the unit and storage.


These are commonly used in charity schemes, school rewards (house points) and rating boxes that you get in surgeries.


My next post will be based around public sector and how these units have helps with charities and customer relations.